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Ручей, шириной в три локтя, с рыбками и ужами, стал свидетелем хорошего дела. В привычной бесконечности переменчивых блесков, то лунных, то солнечных, ручей видел и не такое. Однажды в него угодила бомба, нарушив древнюю течь от озера к реке. Ладонь Егора накрыла пупок Лилии, пальцы то и дело проваливались в смуглую мякоть. К лодыжке Егора пристала черная пиявка, в волосах Лилии металась стрекоза. Лилия наблюдала сосредоточенную работу мужа в отражении воды. Его лицо искажали порывы течения и ря...

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Steel Danielle


A Dell book, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-440-21754-1
Accident is a powerful and ultimately triumphant novel of lives shattered and changed by one devastating moment. Although frequent business meetings keep her husband, Brad, away from home, Page Clarke feels blessed with her happy family and comfortable marriage. They have a house near San Francisco and she keeps busy looking after their seven-year-old son, Andy, and their teenage daughter, Allyson. Allyson, at fifteen, is trying her wings and one weekend, instead of an evening with her friend Chloe, the girls lie and go out with two older high school boys. But a Saturday night that was supposed to be fun ends in tragedy when their car collides head-on with another. At the hospital, Page finds Chloe's divorced father, Trygve, and, unable to locate Brad, she leans on his strength throughout the the long hours of tormenting questions. Will Allyson live? Will any of them? Were the teenagers drinking? Using drugs? Who was at fault? And where is her husband? Without Brad by her side Page feels her life start to come apart as she is forced to confront the fact that Allyson may not live, and if she does, she may never be the same again. In an inspiring novel that explores how many people are affected by one tragic accident and how they survive it, Danielle Steel brings us close to the characters whose lives are as familiar as our own... and who live, as we all do, in a world where everything can change in a single moment.

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