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Интерес к электронным книгам велик, причем, не только со стороны любителей почитать. С применением устройств для чтения текстов в электронном представлении связаны надежды на повышение эффективности обучения. Это легко объяснимо, ведь учащиеся смогут иметь под рукой целые библиотеки, а затраты на...

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Компания [Nexx Digitalk объявила о расширении ассортимента своей продукции и о выводе на российский рынок новой линейки устройств 0электронных книг. Вначале ценители чтения смогут выбрать между двумя моделями: Nexx NIR-601 и Nexx NIR-602DL, которые уже можно приобрести.Новые электронные книги...

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Smith Chris

The Lord of the Rings. Weapons and Warfare

Harpercollins, 2003
ISBN: 9780007172016
As The Lord of the Rings draws to a triumphant and spectacular conclusion with The Return of the King, pitching armies of Men and their allies against the evil forces of darkness, this new book reconstructs the history and events surrounding the epic battles in Peter Jackson's awesome film trilogy. Treating the filmmakers' notes, designs and props as a true archive, The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare uses these records to present a full historical account of the War of the Ring. It assembles all the background information to outline the story behind each battle and examine the strategy used by the opposing forces. Each of the major conflicts depicted in the films - from The Last Alliance of Elves and Men to the climactic Battle of the Pelennor Fields - is illustrated with a unique diagram by the films' designers that reveals how each battle was fought. Lavishly illustrated with 1,000 photos, paintings, maps, sculptures and sketches, most appearing here for the first time, Weapons and Warfare is an indispensable chronicle of The Lord of the Rings' many creatures, warriors, armies and battlegrounds. From the graceful and proficient Elven soldiers to the horrendous war machines of the Dark Lord, each culture's approach to combat is explained - how they fought, why they were fighting, what armor they wore and what weapons they used against their enemies. Now you can get as close to a marauding Orc as you could ever wish, without suffering the consequences! Armed with a wealth of fascinating facts and unique imagery, and with an exclusive foreword by Christopher Lee and an introduction by the Academy Award winner Richard Taylor, Weapons and Warfare promises to be the most striking companion to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy ever published.

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